Rangers FC gone into administration

He was box-office for them. The local media fawned over him and as a result he got huge latitude in the media where other managers would have been shown the door, certainly by the end of his second unsuccessful season. It'll be very interesting to see who they replace Slippy with and if he gets the same lattitude should things pan out the way they did for Slippy G.

This is the season where the Scottish Champions get automatic entry to £40M in the moneyball that is the "Champions" League. Big gamble for the The Rangers to take. Still, one of their bets is bound to work out eventually.

Not bad going for a man from a Taig-background though wasn't he..


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Not bad going for a man from a Taig-background though wasn't he..
Couldn't care less what background he had tbh. Given what he spent and he only managed one trophy from nine I wouldn't think he's much of a manager tbh. Great player though.

It's a monumentally bigger league in terms of profile and money and hype, and Villa aren't a small club (very similar crests between Rangers and Villa btw) but Slippy will have to show he's ready for that step ever before he gets anywhere near even a short list for the Liverpoo job.

It'll be interesting to see if his fame as a former English player and captain of some note will insulate him from the media down there if he's not successful.


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AUDITORS have raised a ‘going concern’ warning over Rangers FC as it emerged the club has accumulated nearly £80m in losses since the Dave King regime change six years ago. The ‘material uncertainty’ warning came as the club confirmed a loan facility with an unidentified high street bank for the first time since Mr King wrested control of the club from Sports Direct supremo and former Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley. The The Rangers FC coming soon perhaps? That’s why the CL £40M seems vital for this tribute act to survive.

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