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Will the liberals put sleepy joes comments about a 17 year old being a white supremacist down to his dementia?

What about calling black people Negros? ( Regardless of context ).

I hope that young lad sues his arse into kingdom come. And every news network who jumped on board as well.
Joe is far more coherent than anything you’ve ever posted al.

Dr. Aaoouh

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Look dopey, your problem is you can’t see or take in anything without looking through the filter of your crazy politics. I looked at if rationally. I actually watched every video. I read as much about the self defence laws as I could. I research the so called victims and their previous crimes. All that lead me to:

1: Kyle had been an active member of the community there, his father lived there.

2: He was asked to help protect property because ANTIFA were burning and looting ( you support this btw )

3: he was separated from the group and threatened by a 36 year old child serial rapist who chased him.

4: he was chased by that creep who was trying to take his gun and at the moment another woman beater fired at him.

5: The mob chased him and would have beat and shot him only for he had the gun. Everyone who did attack him were violent lowlifes.

6: he did NOT bring a gun across state lines.

7: he did not commit a racist act. He shot 3 of your lowlife m8s.

8: Jacob Blake raped his daughter in front of his girlfriend and had a knife in an attempt to kidnap the child. So the whole riot was ridiculous in the first place.

9: president shit in the pants call the lad a white supremacist, so did you..

10: you are never right about much, you’re a moron.

Mix all that together and stay detached politically and you can only come to one conclusion. Kyle Rittenhouse defending himself legally and is a free man. You’re a sad bastard who is so caught up in a crazy ideology you had NO way of getting the outcome right Don’t talk to me about politics you idiot.

Let's review this list of lies, half truths, and irrelevancies. The fact is, you are operating from goofy politics.

Let's do the outright lies first. I do not support rioting and the victims were not my mates. I also did not call the kid a white supremacist.

Here's the thing. Rittenhouse was 17. He was a minor. I can understand that you don't know the difference between and adult and a minor, since adulthood has had no affect on you. But there is a major difference. A minor does not possess adult judgement. A minor does not have adult experience. Anyone with a family (obviously you never had children) is going to think it very odd if their 17 year old son said "I'd like to go to a demonstration that's been so violent that I have to have an assault style rifle to defend my life. Can I have a ride?"

You might want to argue that maybe Kyle was especially mature. Let's look at this. First, he's a high school dropout. You, of course, know nothing about the US, but it is actually very hard to drop out of high school, especially where he lives. So the kid is a fuckup of some sort. Second, we know that he punches his girlfriend around (because the judge excluded this evidence from the trial) and we know that he was recorded saying that he would like to shoot burglars. All of this was laid out at the trial to the judge, but was excluded from the jury. And you would know this if you were actually following the trial instead of reading the odd tweet about it.

So we have a 17 year old violent high school dropout fuckup. Sounds like a perfect guy to arm with an automatic weapon. And what does he do? He goes to Kenosha and shoots people. In other words, he fucks up, just as one would expect. He acted like a teenager playing cop. And note, no one else got shot except the people he shot. None of the other wingnuts there, all adults apparently, were irresponsible.

Of course, your people politicized it. They made it about gun rights and looked for ways to denigrate the victims with irrelevancies about their criminal pasts. (Irrelevancies because Kyle knew nothing about them when he shot them).

He should have been tried as the kid that he was. His parent or parents should be punished for being incompetent. And you will note (but of course not admit) that the owner of the car lot he was "protecting" is saying that he never heard of Rittenhouse and did not recruit him, because only an idiot would admit that he hired a heavily armed 17 year old as a security guard, even in America.

You seem completely obsessed with pedophiles and keep bringing them up over and over. I know you like to think of yourself as the hard man. You'll be delighted to know that sex offenders are required to register with a public website that lists their names, addresses, crimes, and photos. They stay on this site for life. Everyone knows where they are.

Here's the link. Illinois Sex Offender Registry

How about you come to the States, look them up, track them down, and strangle them all with those pearls you're always clutching. Idiot.

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