Phrases you've picked up from pop culture

I love James Ellroy, right? L.A. Confidential, all that jazz.

Item: An early morning snafu put the kibosh on breakfast.

Item: I had two eat 'n' greets in the afternoon within an hour of each other.

Item: I decided to call the first E'n'G breakfast.

"Call the first one breakfast". Today, I realised I use phrases like that a lot. "Call it a late lunch", "Call it payback for the other thing", "Call them a latter day Buddy Holly with distortion."

I have been using "Call it, them, etc." for the last fifteen years without realising where I'd picked it up.

That ever happened to you, that you'd picked up a phrase or even a mannerism from a book or a film or a tv show without really realising it?

For example: How many people do you know who say "Anyway..." or "Okay..." in a high pitch to denote incredulity? Those sayings, and I mean specifically the way they're spoken, didn't exist in Ireland before the tv show Friends.
"The shade of it all"

"She done already done had herses"

"Oh no she better don't"


"No T, no shade"

And many more from the cornucopia of phrases that is Rupaul's drag race
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