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Decent bunch of lads from that area, my car broke down once and a gang push started me.
ah I remember you
Your welcome 😅
No serious we’d be pushing any cars off when needed. Grattan street was and still is full of traffic Monday to Saturday with Sunday being the day of rest.


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I am not, not at all.

Lot to be said for not having to mow the bloody grass.

A repetitive bloody job that is never completed unless you concrete the bloody thing over.

We had the best of both worlds. Playing ball on a flat concrete wide road that only had to stop for the very rare car at the time, or else a local park or even someone's big garden in the summer. There was even a rule where you had to give an opponent space while he retrieved the ball from under a parked car if there was one on our "pitch". TBH I preferred playing soccer on the concrete with the ubiquitous "jumpers for goalposts". Far more innocent and active times I think.

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