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So I need a bit of help with something, has anyone ever heard of a place called Cavan Co Cork. I'm researching my family tree and someone has it down as a birth place.
I'm stumped.
It was the laying of the foundation stone of the Eye, Ear & Throat hospital on Western Road. Unlike the event centre, the building was completed in a little over 3 years and originally had a garden on the roof. Fresh air being a helpful cure for all ills at the time. I wonder did any visually impaired people ever fall off the roof!

I didn't know there was a differentiation between Mayor and Lord Mayor. I'm surprised the "Lord" part wasn't dropped after independence. On Wikipedia there's a list that begins with Provosts of the city from 1199 and Mayors from 1273.

Scottish cities like Glasgow and Embra still have Lord Provost titles for what effectively is their lord mayor
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