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Packers championship window is likely closed now . They are far over the cap already with a skew of pending free agents, plus Rodgers likely done with them. Nfc north could be the new NFC east.

Bucs. Alot depends on the decisions of Brady. He could come back but for the first time he didn't immediately close down speculation. If he comes back, you might see guys take a short term cheap deal to hang around. If Brady isn't back with them, they could easily fall back to being a middle of the pack team with free agents departing. With a championship won however, the Brady era is still a success. Championship window could remain open but will have to see how the off-season goes.

Titans. Probably out performed themselves during the season But even with the disappointing loss the window remains open. They will be mostly intact next year and assuming Henry makes a full recovery they should win the division again next year. Can't see them being the team to beat in the Afc though. They will trail Kansas City and Buffalo and maybe Cincinnati and Baltimore.

Buffalo. Playing Cork to Kansas City's Kerry. They are the second best AFC team. They may need home advantage or someone else to knock off KC. Windows remains wide open though and Allen v Mahomes III isn't a bad bet to make for next year's playoffs.


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Chiefs v Bengals: Chiefs win through by depth and experience. Bengals have done well by themselves thus far as a very young team but will likely come up short here. Still though, you can't take this chance for granted, dial up an aggressive game plan with Jamarr Chase targeting Daniel Sorensen.

Rams v 49ers: Rams pummel them early and let slip the lead late on, stop me if you've heard this before.

The Rams should win, but they should have won in week 18 and should have nuked the bucs from orbit. But they didn't. A thoroughly talented but unreliable team playing at home against the upstart division rival who has been embarrassing them.

Rather than predict an outcome I'll predict the scenario. Close ending, whoever gets the ball last loses. Stafford hail Mary falls incomplete in the endzone, Garropollo can't get his team in range to throw a hail Mary.
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Yeah Adam Schefter and Jeff Darlington of ESPN were reporting it.

He owes no one anything. There could be a major shakeup at the Bucs now. Arian's future could be in doubt with Payton on the market; whither Rodgers at GB? It's going to be an interesting time, to say the least!

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