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Eubank seemed to have put on a lot of weight since yesterday. Maybe he was very dehydrated at the weight. That's certainly being wise after the event but I did mention it at the start of the fight. As an observation rather than a prediction.
Imagine if the Benn fight went ahead. I think Eubank had to drop down to 157 or something like that which included a rehydration clause. And all of that fighting a fighter who would be at his absolute strongest given not having to cut weight and being juiced to the gills. That could have been a fatality right there.

I see Conor and Nigel having a good laugh at Jrs KO. Scummy bastards after that 🥊🥊


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Can't agree with that. Eubank was a small SM, hence the reason he moved down to Middleweight.
At the end of the day Chris had the heart, power and stamina but lacked the fundamentals to become world champion. I don’t consider the IBO as legitimate or all belts really. On the big occasions he failed against Billy & George.

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