New Gx2 Tracks

Since the PROC is where i started, and the PROC still rocks , i guess i gotta give something back. Normally this stuff is mostly on iTunes nowadays, but for the PROC here it is for free.

I miss Cork like crazy.. but such is life. Us Corkonians are all over the world.


Gx2 , aka Starchaser

Gx2 - Sam Knows

Gx2 - I Love You Barack

Gx2 - 16 Dollar Muffin

Gx2 - FEMA Whoop

Gx2 - Let Me Out

Gx2 - Just Gettin By

Gx2 - Resist We Much

Gx2 - Emergency Whistle

Gx2 - Panels ( New York Times Hummer )

Coco Comedy Club: Thursday Showcase!
The Roundy, Castle St.

30th Mar 2023 @ 8:30 pm
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Trevor Fitz

Old Oak, Tomorrow @ 10pm

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