My Trip To The West Bank Part One

My guide to The West Bank was Ariel Shaul who has been part of the Israeli negotiating team since Rabin.
The areas I visited are agricultural villages from Qasir to Modi'in Elite on the Israeli side and Kafin to Rentis on the Palestinian side.
The checkpoints are user friendly so to speak. A Palestinian truck with motor oil came and a soldier opened the gate. I saw no hasseling of people and everyone seemed friendly. Agricultural checkpoints are opened whenever produce or people need to enter.
One Palestinian village is freely open to anyone who wants to enter. The Palestinian authorites don't really care about certain areas which surprised me. I learned that The Palestinians refused to except Tira as part of Palestine because they didn't want to deal with the hard headed people whose stubborness is well know.
Several Palestinian areas are considered to be of a higher class. The civilians are university educated and are accountants and teachers. The housing is nice. One Beduin tribe who lives in the area were given jobs as clerks for the Palestinian Authority.
Clothing stores are divided into the modest Arab woman's style with long skirts and a matching jacket and scarf and the others are very modern. I didn't expct to see a pizza store.
The tragedy of one village whose olive groves are in Israel shows to me the stupidity of politics. These villages are only alowed two weeks to tend their groves. So what happens? Their fellow Arabs on the Israeli side steal the olives or damage the trees.
How are foreigners treated? How were you received?
I didn't see any foreigners so I can't answer you. Israeli are no strangers to the Palestinians. I was told not to talk to soldiers or civilians so we waved and smiled at each other. The little kids shouted hello. They were sweet.
God its great to hear the truth from a Jewish perspective. The Palestinian people have their own state now and are blockade free and the settlements have been handed back and full recognition of their status as free independent people. What did they do with that wall they built...what wall?? Really looking forward to that story!

Joshua Burnside
Coughlan's, Douglas St.

6th Apr 2023 @ 7:30 pm
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