If anybody reading this thread and is not wanting to get involved in the conversation, know this:

It is not a time to buy.

Hold Fast. The time is coming.

Little bit from column A, little bit from column B.
Trick me with logic shall you?
Subterfuge, have you?
Winding away in escalopes are we?

Next time, it might behove you to learn some.... Normalisation. My friend, Boyce Codd should be of assistance.

Mwhuuw hah haaaaah!

Meet me at the bridge. I have in my posession an Excel spreadsheet.

Full of formulae to rendition mankind.

*side glances at mattie and offers an USB series 3 that may not be compatible with her old ipad 7 coz her oul fella is a cheap arse*

..... To be continued.

The Lee Sessions Trad Trail
The Gables, Douglas St.

17th Jul 2022 @ 9:00 pm
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