Michelle O'Neill Appreciation Thread.

He’s just coming up to 5yrs as a td for the ruling party and he’s delivered fuck all ( just like the rest of his ilk in FF). The only thing he has delivered is his face in the paper for self promotion and advancement.
No flood defences for midleton….still.
No n25 upgrade, leading to deaths (2 in the space of a week only the other month).
A measly handful of houses.
No oversight of Ironman, leading to deaths.
Whitegate on a boil water notice for 10years.
Midleton fire service understaffed.
Double tracking of the midleton line being driven by the greens alone.
How is he to blame for the ironman deaths?
How is he to blame for the ironman deaths?
Did I say blame? No.
I said lack of oversight which is a dereliction of any leadership qualities he may ( or obviously does not) have.
Just like the rest of the performative politics pricks he has aligned himself with, he’ll take the pats on the back and claim ownership for bringing an event to the area but when the shit hits the fan, any ownership or responsibility goes right out the window and finger pointing from a position of hiding becomes the modus operandi.
As a result…no Ironman for 2024.
The Complete Stone Roses
The Oliver Plunkett, Oliver Plunkett St.

1st Aug 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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Ursula Burke: These Fragile Monuments

Crawford Art Gallery, Tomorrow @ 10pm

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