Michael D Higgins let them all come

Claire hanna mentioned Declan Kearney going to an identical event, she said the excuse that it was a chance to speak at the event was a fig leaf
The poor old dote is in hospital, I suppose that's a genuine enough excuse.

Apparently she was seen out and about yesterday and as hale and hearty as someone in their 90s could be.

Seems she "pulled a sicky" possibly because she just didn't want to be there. And I think unusually none of her extended family represented her there either.

Oh well.
While Soundy thinks, pity she is not in a morgue

Really? :shock:

Thing is if QEII was in the morgue then afaik (I confess I'm not an expert on the british royal family, or any royal family come to that as I think it's a very stupid concept in the modern world) chucky big-ears and what some have labelled "horseface" take over.

QEII spoke some Irish and bowed to the memory of our Irish patriot dead - so she's not all bad like. I certainly don't think it's a pity she's not in the morgue.

Otto, you'd be a lot better off trying to gain control of the thoughts in your own head first, than imagining what other people may be thinking - just a suggestion for you like. :)
On the news yester... Poor 'esmerelda' is 8 weeks pregnant and homeless sleeping in a tent on the cold streets of Dublin. Now shes in 5 star accommodation out in Powerscourt. 'Esmerelda' had the cheek to come on tv and complain that whiule shes delighted with her new digs (em yeah... at 1200 a night who wouldnt!) her boyfriend wasnt allowed to come with her!

Ive heard it all now.
Spot on Kingy, a palace source has said for personal reasons she is not traveling as one royal in the North of Ireland at a time in enough. When pushed on which royal was in the North of Ireland, the source indicated that Charles had taken a sudden hunting trip to Armagh, where he is very anxious to test out his new "Regem Factorem" rifle sights.
One shot paddy

He sounded completely off his game. I can't find the audio but I heard it on the wireless Friday night.

I dunno is he just gone demented or what but his increasingly unhinged outbursts are a cringey source of national embarrassment at this stage.
He’s too political. He’s the head of state and it’s not his role to comment if every day political matters.

He’s been there long enough now and given his age he should retire so we can have someone more in tune with younger people.

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