Marina Park

We should honour her Majesty The Queen by naming it after her...
If we play it right they might send over a few shrubs trees and flowers to decorate it.

Tis an awful old eyesore like.
And all that time working on the walkway resulted in a widened path but the overgrown bushes are still an eyesore.
Could have been done in half the time imo.
Why are the residence committees not complaining about the illegal parking that goes on around the Marina Park or does that count only for GAA matches.
And I suppose they thought we would all appreciate the graffiti tunnel with multicoloured lights under the Skehard road.....


Sara Ryan
Clancy's, Marlborough St.

28th Sep 2022 @ 9:30 pm
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Jazz Improv!

Crane Lane Theatre, Today @ 9pm

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