Looking for memories and photographs of The Liberty Bar

I knew some heads from near Mitchelstown and Ardmore who used to drink there back in the day but I was in there just one time.

While in the jacks I heard a punk song "Another 17 Camels Down the Drain", never heard it before or since.
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Fights over what tape was going into the ghetto-blaster yoke next.

Crust-punks injecting themselves with syringes full of cider.

Getting your name written on the flagon so that it might still be there for you if you came back within 24 hours.

The wheelbarrow in the jacks.

JC, JM, Biff, Sid, Tall Don, Blow, The Googs, The Dish.

Alternative rock.

I remember being in there a handful of times in the 1993-1994 timeframe. Two things I remember about it were the smoky fire (not sure if it was turf or coal) and drinking cans or flagons of cider.

I also seem to remember feeling like it was falling down…which might have actually been true! 😂

I know around the same time there was a lot of bars in Limerick where it was commonplace to serve cans/flagons of stuff they didn’t have on draft, but I remember it being unusual in Cork city. Or at least, unusual where I was frequenting.
I worked in a well known city bar with live music, (I probably served Soundy!) on and off for most of the 90s and I don’t remember us selling cans, except as off licence sales. Even at that it was really only an “emergency” stock of off licence stuff!

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