Lars book and others.

So Lads ,any of you going to buy Lars Book?Suppose to be a good,honest read,rips babs a new arsehole by all accounts.

Any other good sports books out this year?
Lar's book is good.
A good yarn well written.

Best sports book I've read for a while was
'Be careful what you wish for.' Simon Jordan
An account of his time as owner of Palace.
Brilliant read.
Wouldn't need to even like sawker
This is an old one but it's a good one im reading Unlimited Heartbreak again.You won't like me saying this Galway For Liam but if Pat Hartigan didn't lose his sight in one eye in that training ground accident Limerick would have beaten ye in 1980 and 1981!

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29th Sep 2022 @ 7:00 pm
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