Joe Rogan

When you frame it as both sides it seems as if the medical community is split on the effectiveness and safety of vaccines, it is not. There is not one major medical organization across the entire planet that believes that vaccines are unsafe or ineffective.
No, where would we be without them ,thank God . But there are highly qualified experts questioning why we should be giving these to to young healthy people.
The point was to stop spread and 1000s lost their livelihoods because of this, yet it did nothing to stop spread, the highest covid numbers in the world now are in the most vaccinated countries.
Rogan loves a good conspiracy.

He was in the fake moon landing camp for a number of years.

He's very much in the alternative history camp now also regarding ancient lost technology theories peddled by quacks like Graham Hancock.

So it's no surprise that he has jumped onboard the covid one.

Saying that, he can have interesting people on sometimes.

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3rd Oct 2023 @ 8:00 pm
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