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Surprised by what? The clip or the cancellation effort?
I listen to Joe’s podcast for years. I don’t think he’s racist. As much as I hated his Covid bullshit, I don’t like the narrative of the last week or two.
I don't think he's a racist either.

Don't watch his podcasts anymore as I think he's dumbed it down to appeal to the brain dead market, but have never seen anything to say he's a racist.

This idea that white people can never use that word in any context is beyond dumb. Eamonn Ryan (iirc) apologising to the Dail for doing so was like an episode of spitting image.

Donald Trump

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Mr Rogans opinion is shared by many in the public, this pursuit of the individual is very similar to Mccarthyism of the 40/50s.
As a practising half witted oaf you may not understand the term, I suggest you look it up to further educate yourself on the matter, if at all capable of doing so.
Mr Rogans opinion means fuck all to me when it comes to the pandemic. He is not qualified to comment.

I also do not believe Joe is stupid. He's intelligent enough to appeal to the stupid dollar though

Have a nice day.

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