Jesus lads, 'tis looking like BREXIT!

And from that, you got FG wanted to privatise water? No wonder you are a public servant, thick as a ditch. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
Don't think it can be privatised based on how it is legally constituted. It would have to be scrapped and a new private entity entity stood up. That private entity would want profit. Seeing as domestic water supply cannot be charged for, that would leave non-domestic or business water supply only. Not sure there is enough potential profit in that.
Fine Gael and Labour ruled out a referendum, saying they believed such safeguards are already in place."
"Why won't you have a referendum to prevent X"

"Because there are already safeguards in place to prevent X, it'd be a waste of time and money"

"You clearly want X"

Sigh. It's an obvious political shennanigan, in the same way that the Tories said "Labour wants to tax Y" because Labour didn't say a damned thing about Y.


Tax on swimming pools, SUVs, cows...

Privatising Irish Water would be much, much more trouble than its worth, this is a transparent effort (a quite successful one from the looks of it) to gain cheap political points.
Fairly sure there were two recent referenda that nobody particularly wanted set up and run by a government including Fine Gael. They got the biggest slap downs ever too.
So there's an interesting thing happening on Twitter at the moment, there's a few Reform candidates who are surprisingly difficult to track down.

It started with folks online noticing that this lad looked...weird:

There is an explanation of this one:

However there are questions around a bunch of others who appear to have virtually zero online presence.

It'd be fucking hilarious (and really quite illegal) if it turns out they'd set up fake candidates
Is there any country in the world (other than UK), where water supply is privatised?
Don't think there is any like the UK with full privatisation but there are many countries that have areas or cities privatised.
Did you know that only one country in the EU doesn't have domestic water charges, I was surprised.
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