Jesus lads, 'tis looking like BREXIT!

The U.K. is the only G7 country not to have recovered to pre-Covid 19.

This will happen when you place economic sanctions upon yourself.

It will all get testy in about 2 weeks' time when the BOE stop buying bonds to prop up the whole crumbling edifice.

Who cares anyway as these spoofers get yet another beating by themselves.
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Jaysus, Marlene is still sticking her oar in........
While strictly true, that's not really that useful as a benchmark. The uk is 0.2% behind where it was pre-covid, Germany is literally exactly the same place as it was pre-covid, Japan (0.6%), France (0.9%) and Italy (1.1%) aren't exactly roaring off into the distance.

The last 6 months have been a (mostly self inflicted) disaster in the UK but it hasn't been all sunshine and roses in Germany (mostly due to Ukraine and the weather, particularly the impact on the Rhine of low water levels blocking shipping).
Germany as a much bigger exporter can trade its way out of this anyway globally as container shipping rates continue to fall but it will still have a recession and needs to make it through the winter/energy crisis.

Germany also has stable realistic politics and credible fiscal stability while the U.K. is still controlled by deluded right-wing fantasists getting the country into bigger problems every week.
Because a bit like Obi-Wan Kenobi to Princess Leia.............the ERG are the DUP's only is why Sammy went full on praising the mini budget.
Gowls, they backed Boris too and he threw them under the bus. People seem to have very short memories. I was talking to a fella today and he said "Poor Boris, it all went wrong for him. He got Brexit done and then had to go." Same fella is totally disillusioned felt like he didn't get what he voted for! That's because he was sold a pup.

How bad boy

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14 MPs publicly opposing the tax cut, including Govey. Truss has doubled down on the 45p rate.

70 MPs are said to be privately opposed.

The chair of the Tory Party has also backed Truss's message in the politically dumbest way possible

Confirmed that if MPs vote against the tax cut, the whip will be withdrawn.

If the whip is withdrawn from 40+ MPs, they will lose their majority.

Could see this tax measure bring down the government. Not inconceivable now.

A cracking start to the Tory conference

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