Jesus lads, 'tis looking like BREXIT!

Times in England saying a Yougov poll puts Labour on 54% and Tories on 21%.
A 33 point way that Tories wait for another 18-24 months on these numbers.
Not a chance.

They are focked though and will they just fock the country with them?

They have.

Just 3 Tory seats.....
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That is from the Make Your Prediction tool here:

It's interesting to play with.

If you add in a 50% tactical voting weighting, the Tories drop to 2 seats.
Demented unbelivable polling and that is before the mini-budget mess really starts to affect people.

Of course these polling predictions will not apply to all seats but they are totally screwed.

The party conference should be fun

How bad boy

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Ok, not just a weird poll quirk, here's 3 more showing absolutely devastating leads for Labour

If that's true, Tories are down to only 97 seats without tactical voting, 42 with tactical voting.

Tories 121 seats, Labour 438

Somewhat better, 146 seats for the Tories.

That is, until you turn on tactical voting, and it's only 95 seats.

It's a long way back from that far behind in the polls

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No way will that materialise at an election, no matter when it's called. It doesn't factor in the Murdoch machine, or the shy Tories
I'm not convinced shy Tories are a thing right now. The UK is an absolute fucking state, things are getting worse at a rate of knots and it's very, very obvious.

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Whats the vibe like on the ground there ?
Anger, resignation, "it's all a bit shit, isn't it".
Lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt.
Which is pretty bad considering the UK is basically at full employment.
The looming housing crash and people's financial reserves running out this winter are going to really make people properly angry, not just "oh dear, but what can you do?".
Knock 20% off people's house prices and put a large chunk of the population into a situation where they're borrowing to just keep the lights on and I think the poll ratings could actually get worse.

But on a lighter note:
These poll numbers are terminal.

Tomorrow she meets with the OBR to try and calm the pork markets:

The Guardian

Liz Truss will hold emergency talks with the head of Britain’s independent fiscal watchdog after failing to dampen panic in the financial markets or shore up support from Tory MPs on her radical economic plan.

In a highly unusual move, the prime minister will meet the Office for Budget Responsibility’s (OBR) Richard Hughes on Friday, along with her chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, before being presented with a first draft of its full fiscal forecasts next week.

One government insider said the OBR meeting was “like trying to read the manual after you’ve broken the thing” after last week’s announcement of sweeping tax cuts triggered investor panic over the future health of the UK economy, prompting a sharp fall in the value of the pound and driving up government borrowing costs.

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