Jesus lads, 'tis looking like BREXIT!

How bad boy

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Those interviews are a good example of the absolute state of current affairs broadcasting in the UK post 2016 and how so many of them have bought into this culture war crap.

They were funny all the same. The Piers Morgan one is straight out of the Alan Partridge play book. He is genuinely that much of an idiot he thinks it was a gotcha moment.
I didn't see that one, but watched it now. Fucking hell, it's like a parent talking to a child.

"You've chosen to spend 2 or 3 minutes of this interview talking about an irrelevance"

You're damned fucking right, Mick

The more I see of this punter, the more I think Labour should just get him onboard as soon as they can...

Hank Scorpio

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g'wan de boul mick!

Because of RMT support for Brexit (they blamed the EU and not the Tory government for working conditions) their country is £120 billion poorer and can’t afford to pay his members proper salaries.

Yeah he thinks quick on his feet with the press but he's as responsible as anyone for their economic hari-kiri.
It wasn't even close, to absolute trouncings and clear demonstrations that the public is willing to tactically vote to get rid of the Tories.

Boris is properly fucked.

I think he’s been properly fucked about 8 times now.
another 10 should do it.

bit of a scrap with EU, some bombs in Ukraine, fight with the trots running the unions and be appalled by an illegal immigrant doing some shoplifting - he’ll be ok.

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