Jesus lads, 'tis looking like BREXIT!

Beat me to it........for a guy born in Karachi who moved to England when he was 12 to be such a prominent Brexiteer, Empire addict and hater of immigrants is staggering levels of denial and self-delusion.
I love how the Tories sucker in people like Pater, Saj David, Kwartang, Zahari as well as terminal fruitloop Habib to do all their dirty work and spout nonsense for Britain.

Behind the scenes in the Carlton club they are just laughed at as they will all end up being cast aside or derided in the end like Megan Markle.

Handy Run

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Boris: right lads, back me in the VONC and I'll really really really do the northern levelling up thing. I'll even travel up there in a few days for a big announcement. Ye'll look like a right pack of ledge bags.

NRG: ok BorisY m8, we've no reason not to trust you. You have our backing.

*NRG prepares big event with Boris in Doncaster, borisY ducks off to Kyiv*

NRG: Nobody could have seen this coming!


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Lewis given a freebie by Raworth this morning on the protocol. Openly lying.

Head of CBI said they could be in recession by Q4. 11% inflation.

Meanwhile while Boris wife was battling cancer he tried to give Carrie a 100k a year job during their affair.

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