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John Fashanu has admitted he paid his brother Justin £75,000 to keep his homosexuality a secret.

Fellow footballer Justin, who played for Norwich City and Nottingham Forest in the 1980s, committed suicide in May 1998 after revealing he was gay eight years before.

As the 20th anniversary of his death approaches, Fashanu has called on the FA to do more to instil confidence in current footballers to be openly gay, insisting that there are a number of ‘well-known’ players in the Premier League who ‘don’t feel comfortable with the environment’.
Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, Fashanu put his own actions down to a “lack of education” and admitted that he was a ‘monster’ to his brother.

“I make it very clear, I was a monster to Justin then. I paid him £75,000 not to say that he was gay,” said the former Wimbledon, Aston Villa and England striker.

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