Incident in churchfield


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Man what a year for community minded individuals, the sex offenders battered up north, the would be robber of a Dublin pub who got turned around while trying to hold it up for the takings his face was a mess.

Then Churchfieldgate, and then onto Glanmire.


Unfortunately Gardai can't protect us☹️
It is.

But here is the deal, he was forced into rehab by a court. Forced like. How in the name of fuck does anyone expect someone to not only comply but force them into a scenario they do not want to be in.

I wasnt forced. Id had enough, I wanted my mind back, I wanted to be in control of myself. I marched down patricks hill and waltzed straight into an AA meeting and just sat there. Ok I was a nervous wreck and the smell of drink off me was pretty bad but I wanted to be there. I wanted to change. When I was offered proper treatment at Arbour house I jumped into it head first.

You see where im going with this right?

So no, dont force anyone to do any rehab that they will only try to complete to tick all the boxes for the legal system. I can spot these types from a mile away now and I make no excuses when I tell them what I see. If you want to walk the walk, sit the fuck down, take that cotton wool out of your ears and stick it in your mouth and shut the fuck up and listen, you never know, you might just learn something about your sad and miserable exsistence.

The group hugs and the well dones are at least a years sobriety away.

I really hope this lad can sort himself out and get into a proper frame of mind. But only he can be the decider of that, only he is the master of his destiny. Only he can want it.

I wish him well.

Good post i hope you are doing well,

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