How many Pride weekends are there?

If this is what you are referring to

"As per my last post, I have stated repeatedly that a 12 year old is both legally a child and also a young adult for the purposes of accessing a library."

Then that post doesn't say that a 12 year old is legally an adult.

Your inability to read a sentence isn't my problem.
An enabler of this generation's compulsion for attention seeking. The importance of "likes" takes priority over their physical and mental health. Without validation from peers, they label their feeling as some sort of oppresion. The outside influences looking to profit from this then drive home the messages of negativity that manifest the feelings of emptiness created by the lack of "back slapping" they crave for what is merely a lifestyle choice.
That kind of enabler maybe?
See, everything mentioned above is playing out right here:
It’s so so easy to foresee this. Do the lgbt+ community not understand or see what they are doing to themselves and their cause by being belligerent.

Coco Comedy Club: Paul Crowley and Guests
The Roundy, Castle St.

27th Oct 2023 @ 8:30 pm
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Dwyers Session

Dwyers Of Cork, Today @ 7pm

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