Heroes or Celebrations?

They're both going for €4 in Dunne's right now for the big tubs. Picked up one each.

They're both well ahead of the likes of Quality Street, Roses, Dairy Milk, and Lemon's (can you even get lemon's anymore?)

However I think head to head Miniature Heroes come out on top. There's more variation, and I have to fuck the Celebrations Bounty in the thrash can. That's like 1/7 or 14% of the tub of celebrations into the garbage m8s.
My mother was talking about how in her day stuff like this, chocolates and fizzy drinks were Christmas treats only, not something people have everyday. And I agree with her as it shows how the big business have realised they can get us addicted to this stuff with them being low cost. Low cost but we buy hand over fist.

I try to keep my addictions to the traditional healthy kind with drinking, smoking and crisps.
I have a sweet tooth so wouldn’t turn my back on either but it would be heroes FTW.
mmm, the caramel ones :love:

Quality Street are abysmal.. they have that horrible American chocolate thing going on whatever has happened?
Roses are gone to fuck, I remember when the dairy milk was a tiny dairymilk bar and strawberry cream was the shape of a strawberry.
Now its all same square shit, celebrations for the win and they can leave the bounty behind all they want joke is on them I love a bounty.
Was down in Lidl and they had Lemon's and they seem to be selling well at €8.99!!
WTF, you can get like bigger tubs of Heroes and Celebrations for 4 euro (and Quality Street for 2.50 in Tesco)
Must be all the auld biddies buying em?

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