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Their culture was consumed and they were enslaved and displaced from power. All that remains of their culture are their wonderful burial mounds. Happy Thanksgiving
What the fuck do you know about their culture m8? We mostly speak English today. Has our 'celtic' culture been consumed or does it still exist in song, literature, customs, dance, superstition etc.
Truth is you haven't a fucking clue what has possibly been handed down from our ancestors from 4000 years ago but one thing is indisputable. The majority of the people walking around Ireland today are related to the people who walked around Ireland 4000 years ago. So go take that and shove it up your colonial, indigenous murdering, soup taking hole.
The majority of Native Americans died from diseases Europeans brought with them. The viruses European’s picked up from herd animals centuries prior and were thus immune to, spread like a wave in front of their advance across the continent.
But let's throw them a few smallpox blankets and destroy their food source just to be sure.

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