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Right, I usually sport the pale & interesting look, I don't bother with bottle tans &/or sunbeds but I have an event coming up in just over 3 weeks that I would like to be bronzed for, a tan will match my outfit better. I would go the route of the fake bake but I'm shite at applying that stuff, I ALWAYS manage to streak it. I got the spray on tan done once before & whilst it was ok, for what I paid I felt the colour could have been better so this time around I've decided to hit the sunbeds. My question to those of you who used sunbeds on a regular basis, how long/how many sessions would I need to do to get a good colour? I already have a small base from my hols but my skin is quite tan resistant, even in scorching heat, so I have a long way to go to achieve the bronzed bod. We're aiming for gold, people.

I thank you.....
Depends on how sallow your skin is love.

For me, sunbeds would take about 3 or 4 15 mins to boost my tan.
Start this week and do it everyday for 7 minutes. if you arent tanned enough by next wednesday then try again for a week.
Just be careful though
if you are gona use a tanning shop try to go early. they are usually busiest in the evening which means someone else was in the bed just before you. and they will be baking hot before you even get in and thats how you'll burn. cos the minute you sit on it your ass will burn.

Stand up beds are shit so avoid them.
You should NEVER use one every day, and if you've not used one before, you should only use it for maximum 5 mins for the first week, build up to 10 in the second week, and then up to 15 in your third, a couple of minutes at a time. I'd say if you don't tan easily then you're not going to get a bronzed look in such a short timescale, even if you have a bit of holiday tan left over. Go for the spray tan or st tropez, expensive, but given the timescales, it's your only guarantee to get a tan.


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Dont do it girlie.

Get someone to do fake tan for you. I can PM you the number of a very good person if you want. Im really pale ( as you know!) and she uses stuff called "fake bake" on me. Tis organic and works out really really well. Will last for at least two days.

Sunbeds are dangerous.
Save yourself the heavily increased chance of cancer, just get the fake tan professionally applied.

Seriously, what you're trying to do with a sunbed is to provoke a defensive response from your body. Tanning is your body trying to protect it's cells against UV radiation damage.
It'll age your skin and increase your chances of cancer. Besides, it'll just peel off within a month unless you go again.
We all know sunbeds and sun and fags and drugs and drink are dangerous lads.
But the fact is, even though people know these things, if they want to do it nothing will stop them .

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