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AI has gotten to the stage now where it can actually learn.
I remember Google developed some AI program a number of years ago which basically had a digital man running an obstacle course. Without any input from the engineers he slowly, through constant trial and error and many thousands of attempts made his way through the entire course.
The first attempt he hit the first obstacle and the program would restart. He would hit it again the second and third time and so on until eventually he learned how to avoid the first obstacle and then the process would repeat for the second obstacle and so on until eventually he ran the course flawlessly from start to finish.

Now that was a good few years ago so you can imagine with the pace that tech is advancing where it could potentially be at now.

Pair that capability with advanced robotics and it suddenly becomes a pretty scary proposition.

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what will happen to the earth when the sun burns out?

As the sun is the source of energy for the Earth, its end will have a significant impact on the future of our planet. When the sun runs out of fuel in around 5 billion years, it will become a red giant star and its outer layers will expand, swallowing and melting the planets closest to it, including Earth. However, scientists believe that this won't necessarily be the end of our planet. If humans are still around in 5 billion years, they could potentially move the Earth to a more distant orbit, and therefore out of harm's way. However, it's important to note that this is all theoretical as we don't yet have the technological capability to move the Earth or even predict the exact trajectory of the sun's evolution.

There ya go lads, global warming me arse. We just need to shift the earth a bit to the right.

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Any tech nerds have any thoughts on this? I'm a complete know nothing in this area but one or two pods I watch/listen to have expressed similar concerns

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I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I have been working daily with AI experts for almost a year now.

At the moment, it's still better thought of as Machine Learning. It's currently powerful but limited.

That said it's getting increasingly easier to do it, it's not easy but it's surprisingly straightforward to build systems that allow you to do the sort of experimentation to build better machine learning/AI models.

It's also very hard to get specific on what exactly is AI. Is it Large Language Models? Should there be regulations against researchers spinning up clusters to test and improve LLMs? How do you create tests for safety that are worth a damn? How would that interact with stuff like open source AI software projects like Kubeflow? So, so many questions on how to achieve that control. I'm honestly not sure it's actually possible now.

Musk is a bit two faced on this, one minute he's saying it should be regulated, another is looking to build an anti woke version of ChatGPT which presumably would have no problems being homophobic, racist, sexist, etc cause that seems to be what anti woke means...

There's a lot of unknowns here, it very much depends on how you use it. Musk seems happy enough to use unproven AI to drive cars in public streets, where it currently has a middling enough record safety-wise, so again, think tight legislation around the application to it to self driving is sensible but I'm sure he'd not like that. For chat bots? Not much damage they can do for now.

It's where they cross into physical control it's potentially reasonable, however it's really not easy to draw the line, especially with trends like TinyML and analogue compute.

Either way, I think Musk is not coherent on his thoughts on it, worrying about it's safety yet releasing poorly tested AI in safety critical applications which have provable weakness that have killed a decent number of people.
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Cheers for answering lads.

What concerns me, besides the terminator doomsday scenario, is the potential for this thing to make most of our jobs redundant.

I had an inkling this was coming, but I was thinking 20 or 30 years time. The speed at which it's progressing is a bit disconcerting tbh.

If this thing does make millions or billions of people unemployed it will be a massive shift in how we need to structure our society.

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If history is a guide, and I think it is, it'll act as an enhancement of most people's lives, it'll cause a number of major problems and it'll negatively affect a decent number of people's lives.

It's worth looking back to get an idea where it's going. The internet put a decent number of people out of work, especially in bricks & mortar shops, it has caused some major societal problems too, but overall there's no doubt there's a net benefit from it.

I moved to England 20 years ago to design mobile phones. There were 20 companies within 20 miles designing phones, the likes of Nokia, Motorola, Panasonic, Sony, NEC, Sharp, etc...
Used to go to factories in China where they'd pay a few dollars a day and literally have someone at the end of a production line with a brush cleaning it. The sort of job that could be done by a pretty cheap piece of machinery. Their knowledge of electronics was laughably bad and nobody understood software.

Left that industry 10 years ago because all of the design work had shifted to Asia, those very same companies in China were now designing good phones from the ground up. All of the manufacturing in Europe was gone, plants closed and the design work mostly went with them. There were 2 companies left doing phone design around Reading.

All those people found new jobs eventually, frequently with pain but the market adapted. The cost of phones dropped dramatically*, and the few remaining companies in the west really mostly worry about higher level function and design.

At the moment, AI is convincing sounding but not particularly clever. I think of it like Jacob Rees Mogg. It's really not a good idea to trust it much, even if it sounds like it knows exactly what it's doing.

AI right now is best thought of as really powerful autocorrect and a tool in certain processes. Network configuration? Sure. Driving from Skibereen to Bantry?
Hahaha. No.

Additionally it can't take responsibility for failure and doesn't really understand people. Probably never will understand people because, well, people don't understand people.

If you work writing dull press releases for boring tech companies, get your CV ready as you're out of a job. If you create websites, you had better start getting good at using AI.

It's good for complicated jobs but not complex jobs. It's worth understanding which your job is to get a feel for how much you're likely to be impacted:

*Relatively, the actual cost people pay for phones nowadays is higher but the capabilities are an order of magnitude better. €110 for a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G absolutely trounces an €599 iPhone 5S from 2013 in almost any metric.

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