Ebola's in Ireland - WE ARE ALL DEAD

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Body brought to Letterkenny General Hospital with Ebola like symptoms

Thursday 21 August 2014 18.29

The HSE has said this is a suspected case of Ebola virus disease in Donegal The HSE has said this is a suspected case of Ebola virus disease in Donegal

The body of a deceased man has been brought to Letterkenny General Hospital having had what are described as Ebola like symptoms.

The man had been in the south west of the county and the post mortem room at the hospital will remain sealed off for up to 18 hours.

He can recently returned from Africa.

In a statement issued by the HSE it said tests are currently being carried out on the man.

It said it is a suspected case of Ebola virus disease in Donegal.

"The public health department was made aware earlier today of the remains of an individual, discovered early this morning, who had recently travelled to the one of the areas in Africa affected by the current Ebola virus disease outbreak." it read.

"The appropriate national guidelines, in line with international best practice, are being followed by the public health team dealing with the situation.

"Until a diagnosis is confirmed, and as a precautionary measure, the individual's remains will stay in the mortuary pending the laboratory results which are expected late tomorrow," it added.

Dr. Darina O'Flanagan, Head of the HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre, said; "In general, the risk of contracting Ebola virus disease is extremely low and would involve very close personal contact with the infected individual or their body fluids for there to be any risk at all."

"We await the outcome of the laboratory tests before we will know whether or not this individual had contracted Ebola virus disease. The appropriate public health guidelines are being followed at every stage in this process as a precaution."

Two US patients discharged

Two US patients receiving treatment for the deadly Ebola virus have been discharged from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

Kent Brantly, a doctor who fell ill with the virus while working in Liberia, has recovered and was discharged from hospital today.

Speaking at a news conference Mr Brantly said he was “forever thankful to God” for sparing his life.

The president of the Christian missionary group for which Dr Brantly worked in Liberia, Samaritan's Purse, hailed his "courageous spirit" as he battled the virus that has killed 1,350 people in west Africa since March.

Aid worker Nancy Writebol has also been discharged from the same hospital where she was receiving treatment for Ebola.

Ms Writebol has tested clear of the virus and is said to be with her husband at an undisclosed location.

Following their release Dr Bruce Ribner from Emory's Infectious Disease Unit said both workers pose no health risks to the public.

Meanwhile, South Africa has issued a ban on non-citizens travelling from three west African countries worst affected by Ebola.

A health ministry statement declared "a total travel ban for all non-citizens travelling from these high risk countries," referring to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

South Africans returning home from these areas will undergo strict screening, it added.

Authorities also barred non-essential travel to the three countries.

South Africa has so far been Ebola-free despite two scares in as many weeks: a South African man returning from Liberia and a Guinean woman.

Both tested negative.

Johannesburg is a major hub for air travel between southern Africa and the rest of the continent.
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