Does rutland street reply to EVERY SINGLE THREAD?

I am not a pensioner


You are fooling no one.

That's not my style, it's nothing bad btw.

I've had plenty of people have a go on here and I could have thrown lots of stuff at them, they would be mortified if they knew how much I know.

But I never have and I never will

Is it good?

Or just mediocre?

If it's not bad, how can it be gold?

Only bad things are gold.
In fairness ruts the op is right. I don't want to cause you upset or anything but you are like a runaway train on this forum. If someone looked in here for the first time they'd be wondering why the place wasn't called Rutlandstreet's Place instead. All posts and threads here are filtered through you, you're totally addicted hook line and sinker.
I don't think there's any hope for you to be honest. You're going to get worse and worse. You've probably set your sights on the 100,000 post mark.

What are you going to do about this internet problem you have rutland?

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