Disturbances and clashes between Palestinians and Israelis

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An Iranian Revolutionary Guard Col has been assassinated in Tehran, believed he was supplying weapons to Lebanon's Hezbollah. Iran has blamed America and it's ally Israel and has threatened revenge.
Quite disturbing.

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Long live Palestine. View attachment 13838

Long live Arab unity.View attachment 13839
I couldn’t care less about Arabs, Muslims, Jews, or whatever the fundamentalists think. “My imaginary friend in the Sky is better than your imaginary friend in the Sky therefore I hate you.”

That kind of medieval thinking is the cause of most of the worlds problems.

I just think that corralling a whole load of people into what is essentially a concentration camp and then dropping bombs on them or shooting them with assault weapons is morally wrong.

The Palestinian people have a right to self determination irrespective of what the bullies in the neighbouring much more powerful country think.

Live and let live. Same with the Uighurs in China.

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