Disturbances and clashes between Palestinians and Israelis

Recently there has been clashes in Israel with attacks on Israeli's and on the Al Aqsa Mosque which saw violence erupt. Coupled with this there has been rocket attacks from Gaza and in turn Israeli attacks on Iranian backed forces in Syria.

It does not paint a pretty picture and this unrest comes on the backdrop of Amnesty International and other human rights orgs labelling Israel an apartheid state.
Any reason why the.Israelis get an apostrophe but the Palestinians don't? is it just a case of more largesse to the Israelis and.deprivation of the Palestinians?

King Silkbeard

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How is it that Hezbollah is recognised as a terrorist organisation but the far right wing extreme Azov battalion which is now being evacuated from the factory due to them surrendering is not? Something to ponder over.🤔

King Silkbeard

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Does not excuse the Israeli police for baton charging a crowd carrying a coffin, if they had let them be on their way it would have avoided all this but instead they chose to unleash violence on the crowd.

Oh and as usual the Palestinians are referred to as rioters, did not see Palestinians throwing stones or engaging in violence, only saw them holding up a coffin of a slain journalist as a result of Israeli shooting.
Please don’t buy Israeli made products which will support their war machine. And Lidl’s Lupilu Baby range is manufactured in Israel.
Quite disturbing.

That you're still wearing nappies.


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