debit card de-activated


my debit card was put on hold thurs morn as i was sleep when visa sent the y/n text to confirm a hotel booking i made weeks ago

had to ring them to try and get it re-activated but failed one of their questions re. my exact address on the statement.... the bank stopped sending statements more than 12 months ago so i couldn't remember exactly what was on it

rang again only to be told i hd to drop photo i.d. into an a.i.b. and then it would get re-activated

took 90 minutes out of a busy work day to go to south mall, queue up, give photo i.d. to the cashier for them to photocopy, etc and was told he'd put a note on the system that he'd received photo i.d. - the funny bit was he never asked me to remove my mask to check my face matched the photo i.d. so tbh i could have been any fraudster

by sunday morn still no sign of card being re-activated so had to ring again only to be told i should have been told to ring after dropping in the i.d. on thurs

whadda shambles

Coach and Six

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That's fairly pathetic alright, Jim. They'll be wiped out by new banks if they dont up their game up quickly.

Hope you're going somewhere nice.

Gavin James
Cork Opera House, Emmet Place

2nd Apr 2022 @ 7:00 pm
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