No fear- I’ve lost 3 brothers a sister- 2 children one an adult Parents obviously I’ve no fear for i( personal thing - each to his/ her own) My life was in turmoil Cops / taxman/ boozing/ riding Involved in serious republican activities N and south Divorce Whole mess/ I went back to church Got nothing for years- was genuinely repentant for basically being a cunt for a v long time Attended a healing mass years ago , somebody turned the light on for me and my then 2/ 3 yr old kid Up to then I could not open a bank account,put his name down for a place in my old school etc Apply for social housing ( my own long gone) God kicked in big time for this sinner Got my 10 years tax clearance certs sorted His name on Scoil an Spioraid Naoimhs list Got new work Got a house Started again Walked away big time from my previous life Now attend tbe Dominicans popes Quay both for service and Christian courses My life is now good No woman No drink For year’s Youngest in UCC Doing well in university and socially V balanced Only thing I did right was when God gave me that child 5 days a week until he started UCC ( now we meet and travel to CCFC home and away) That’s why I’ve no fear of dying I’m comfortable and confident of an afterlife in where ever heaven is Man above looks after ALL if we let him in I’m no holy Joe but a grateful man of 63
Fair play to you for turning oyur life around. Hopefully it will continue to get better

The Velvetones
The Welcome Inn, Parnell Place

4th Dec 2022 @ 8:00 pm
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Meat and Potatoes

Crawford Art Gallery, Today @ 10am

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