Nearly dying is a great way to get perspective on things. I almost bought the farm years ago in a crash and ever since I don't get as worried about uncertainties and challenges.

Life is a nonstop ride to meet the reaper, but we all spend too much time looking at the road and miss out on enjoying the views of mountains on the horizon.


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Thanks boy- took years to actually wake up
Spiritually rich
Pocket poor
But content
Anyone interested in expanding their interest in Christianity etc
Dominican order are the men to awaken in you all that’s good
Really humble genuine caring and good craic ppl

Fr Philip a west Belfast man is my favourite
Man Utd and NI international
Had the lot - drink women cars money- had it all up to become a fantastic priest

( uncle was a volunteer in Belfast shot dead by the army/ so he’s lived life)
I remember watching a documentary about Matt Talbot and how he was a down and out Alcoholic and this was Before AA came into existence. He used his faith to keep him on the straight and narrow as he was a devout Catholic. These days it’s all about Spirituality rather than religion but whatever works for someone to turn their life around then that’s the answer and more power to them.
The famous slave owner.

He can fuck right off too.

In 1789 he wrote and published several essays supporting the abolition of slavery and his last public act was to send to Congress a petition on behalf of the Society asking for the abolition of slavery and an end to the slave trade.

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