Tbh, after the way he and his cycling freak entourage went after Cumnor, he can't complain if his own business gets attacked. Live by the internet sword, die by it.

If he made defamatory comments then fair enough. But anyway..

Like, come on. We know the guy is litigious.
We know that he knows about this thread.
Are you really that stupid this will just end in Banter?

Work away so lads.....


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Absolutely, we all do. In the same way I assume Righttobikeit does as well (Twitter death wish aside) I posted this before months ago, that when I cycling I always assume that motorists do have a clue of the rules of the road when it comes to dealing with cyclists on the road, the vast majority that I have encountered don't. His issue is that 9 out of 10 times he is correct on the rules but his arrogance doesn't let him see that there are many cyclists/drivers buried in graveyards all over the country who were also correct. He definitely does go looking for aggro but the scary thing is how easy motorists react to him as well. He clearly cycles an awful lot and obviously will come across more of these incidents but the amount of punishment passes that he posts is frightening particularly if you have young kids cycling.
Except the aggro piece, the provocation and the deliberate search for trouble no motorist or cyclist is justified in doing. My issue is the intent.

If we all use the road with due care and attention for all other road users, cyclists and motorists, then there's no issue.

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