Poster of Savage Greatness.
@ Threadworm, as I said own it.
Seriously that is what you are going with? 😂😂
Another Fedmitty fail.

If you don't know what you accused me of, then read your shite posts, which only reflect a part of what I've said.
A few weeks in hospital doesn't indicate a serious injury. I never wished the prick a period in intensive care.
You are a stupid, superfluous piece of shite , who has a limited knowledge of the English language and who reads what he wants to and nothing more.
Over and out, you stupid tart!😏
I know exactly what I excused you of, old man, I was asking Fedmitty if he did. As for the rest of your gibberish, none of that negates the fact you wanted to see a cyclist end up in hospital because you don't like his twitter posts.

Hank Scorpio

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I drove motorbikes for twenty years. Family illness. The old fella was into them and I grew up around them and had a really good teacher.

This guy's videos are full of the kind of stuff I was doing for the first 6 months or so cause I was full of shit and thought I was invincible, til I got a fright getting clipped into a ditch by a van. He didn't see me.
Another time I went over the bonnet of a car on Model Farm Road when it turned at the last moment. He didn't see me either.
I put a BMW R80 into a ditch in West Cork to avoid a head on with a van. Guess who he didn't see? Me.

These are big noisy machines with headlights lights, a horn etc and yet you are frequently invisible to other road users. It's not malicious or deliberate on their part, it's just reality.

The feen in the licra shorts with the wee bell and the go pro with all the shouting is in permanent stealth mode on the road and is too fucking stupid to realise this fundamental fact.

Top post.

Theres plenty of roads I wouldn't cycle either as they're simply not safe.

If you take a dangerous road position on a busy road then its a near certainty that you are going to have repeated near collisions as he does.

Thats his funeral but as you pointed out he is zooming around the city centre at 40-50k with no consideration for pedestrian traffic or unexpected road actions.

He will either injure someone or cause a serious road accident. Thats not speculation, its a given with the way he cycles. (And you can be damn sure he is putting up a sanitised version of his carry on).


Poster of Savage Greatness.
Suck on something ffs!
You offering?



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The romeo whatever shit makes it all legitimate. And the threats. Then the calls the driver a manchild. What a fucktard indeed..
Sad little life,
BTW the driver was wrong.

Its called active citizenship, if there were more people like him around, the 🌎 world would be a far better place.

It takes guts and determination to do what he does, day after day.
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