I often walk around town wearing headphones.
I'm still aware of all the potential threats around me though, such as cars and women with buggies aimed at my heels.
Well of course my idea is ridiculous, by your thinking it should be perfectly acceptable for sighted people to walk around blindfolded?

I'd say deaf people are well aware of the need to use their sight to be extra vigilant to traffic, whereas some idiots with earphones are on planet la la

Oh, so it's because they're distracted? You said originally that it was because they couldn't hear what was going on around them.

Some people are like that anyway love, earphones or not.

What about people on their phones or texting? Should phones be banned too? I'm not sure I want to live in Ruttopia tbh.
I actually make a point of it when I'm on my bike to break red lights or mount the footpath if I don't feel like stopping. Drivers are just jealous of us. Same goes for cycling side by side. It's legal and we've as much right to the road as any other vehicle.

Reading all these comments has actually reignited my passion for winding up drivers. I'm going to be doubly obnoxious on my bicycle.
If it means narrowing roads then I'm all for it.

In some places the footpaths are wide enough to accommodate both but presumably the cyclist has no right to be on the footpath even if it's a lot safer there than on the road avoiding parked cars while at the same time looking out for the moving ones..
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