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Cross Country 2021 Athletics championship

West Cork Gaol

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Leevale AC had 2 winners in The national cross-country finals in Santry yesterday . Great achievement for the club and the 2 ladies Michelle Finn first in senior ladies and Jane Buckley first in u20 ladies.
Michelle Finn is largely training with Dublin Track Club now. I'd say even Donie Walsh would recognise that her improvement the last few years were down her own hard work and to Feidhlim Kelly.

Not taking it away from Leevale they are the big dog still and still out performing the other city clubs.

But Aoife Cooke going to the euros from Eagle

Darragh McElhenny now UCD ex Bantry AC also picked.

Evan Byrne Togher AC finished 237 in the D1 NCAA cross's the same day

We had 4 irish in the top 50 between 32nd and 42nd, and another 2 in the top 100. Brian Fay and Cormac Dalton selected for Euro Cross NCAA is a savage standard the future is bright

David Mc Savage Plus Guests
City Limits, Coburg St.

18th Dec 2021 @ 9:00 pm
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