Cork Twitter Hates the PROC

Came across this tweet from 2020 from DJ Jim X Comet which made me laugh given the cesspit Twitter has become.

Few old music scene heads having a right go at ye back then. There should be a scrap behind a shed.
Some old man who used to be in a band before he gave up and went to England is not necessarily "Cork Twitter."

At least Johnny Rotten is trying to get into Eurovision

There does seem to be a lot of anti immigration posters here though. Almost like this is a place where people can say what they like without fear of consequences or having their name associated with their controversial opinions.
Nice guy but poor old Jim was never the brightest in fairness.
Ah, that's not fair. Although I used to love his radio shows and gigs years ago but had to unfollow him on twitter though once he started unleashing his opinions on matters beyond music.

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