Cork hurlings next manager


Poster of Savage Greatness.
You cut a sad figure m8, hurling insults into the abyss.

Serious brah, seek medical help:ROFLMAO:



Poster of Savage Greatness.
You’re on another thread talking about having a young lad playing Rebel Og. Imagine having children and spending so much time here engaging in petty arguments 😂😂😂. Take a break from here lad and clean up the socks from down the side of your bed before your Mother finds them.
Am I the only one arguing?
Nice to know you are following my posts though, clearly you have nought else to be doing. Another thing, the day I take advice from someone from your club I will hang up my keyboard. Any vicious rumours about a Cork player to spread this week?
Excellent news. It's almost as if CCB, Kingston, and Ryan knew exactly what they were doing all along. They were waiting for the pieces to fall into place while we were all getting excited about nothing.

I wonder if he'll announce a retiree in his backroom team? Does a manager with a fulltime job need a right hand man to do a lot of the leg work? Could we see Kingston, Grady, or even JBM in such a role? For me, one of the reasons Cody has always been such a great manager was that he just had more time to give to it.

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