Cork Hurlers - Part 2


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Well done KK, the option of him staying on for another year was a result of poor planning. 3 year term with a succession plan means that the incumbent is ready to step in after term.Kieran has been a great ambassador for Cork, owes nothing and leaves behind a team that 1) Right age profile 2) underage winning pedigree 3) stumbled upon a system that once we work on it for a full season will be the way forward.
Replacement wise- would like to see a Ben O Connor - Wayne Sherlock and furlong. Regardless of who comes in, this is a black mark against the county board. Piss poor planning.
Well done and thanks to KK for his contribution. Right call to step away now and allow someone with fresh ideas and energy to give it a go.
We really need to get this one right… no shortage of quality players

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Kieran Kingston owes Cork hurling nothing.

Brought us some great days out and brought through some serious players.

Deserves a lot more credit than he was afforded by a lot of the gang on here.

Thanks Kieran.

If some of the backroom stay on and give their time again they should have our full support rather than the usual idiots saying we are 'doomed' if they are prepared to help coach the side again.
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