Cork Hurlers - Part 2


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Mediocrity! That’s what we’ve settled for. Playing fancy hurling amongst ourselves at the club level, and then wilting on the national stage. We’re destined for underperformance for many years. Our new showpiece stadium will be a nationwide joke!
What Kilmallock did to Midelton, a 3rd rate Limerick club last Munster club tells it's own story.
The interest rate hikes that recently happened will balloon the debt repayments. I hope that they can complete their housing deal before the next housing crash. That is the problem with businessmen running a GAA county board!
Since when was Frank a businessman?
This is Frank's monument, Frank's idea, Frank's blueprint even. He could have had a new cheaper design but wanted a modern version of the old stadium at double the cost.
So as a result we have a concert venue first as opposed to a GAA stadium and all thanks to yes men and Frank men in the clubs for 40 years.
You reep what you sow.

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