Cork Hurlers - Part 2


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I don't think people are against an outside manager but more resigned to the fact that the CCB won't pay the fees commanded by some of these hurling mercenaries.
Agree totally. There is also an argument that barring Cregan and Bond (and John O Mahony in football) there has been no success with outside management. I was full sure Waterford would be contenders this year because of Liam Cahills influence and that was not to be. I dont think Shefflin has fully been accepted in Galway either. I could be proved totally wrong. My own preference would be Ben O Connor but would it work out for him with other commitments and bills to pay? Interesting too that in Dublin hurling there is no question of a native appointment it seems and look how poorly things have gone for them.
from the outside looking in ye have some serious talent but again I question some of the newcomers that ye swear by outside of Joyce and connolly
These young lads are just 20, 21 or 22.
I think it difficult to judge how good they will be yet.
Of course not all will come through.
I think Daire O Leary is one that is already there as well and possibly Tommy O Connell .

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Why do fellas keep saying a outside manager. We are in debt up to our eyeballs FFS. And lads do we have the players. You swear that 20 25 age bracket are the greatest hurlers ever. Sorry not buying it.
If they can get the planning on the land up in kilbarry for 300 houses they'll afford any manager out there 😄
That is the whole problem with Cork GAA for the last 30 years. Kilkenny, Limerick, Waterford have relatively modest stadiums, but of course the rebel county were not content with what they had. Development within the county has been neglected. Frank Murphy was an administrator and a businessman and his legacy will be one of detriment to Cork GAA!

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