Cork Footballers

That last wide was a shocker, 20 yards out with no pressure. Dreadful game, about as intense as a pre Christmas league match from the 80’s.
glorified game of backs and forwards
They really are an absolute pity of a team, a few fellas who have been there 10 fucking years and are lost as usual Vs Kerry. How the fuck you don’t have Sherlock starting ahead of jones is unbelievable, the 2 midfielders getting cleaned by Moynihan ffs and absolute pity of a team, and of course statues on the cork sideline again
A team paralyzed with fear, no ambition to try anything, happy to keep the score respectable if possible. Two midfielders who can't even judge a ball coming out of the sky, jumping too late with the Kerry fellas already coming down with ball secured.
I really wonder are these lads really as poor as they look playing with Cork...I couldn't tell you what we're trying to achieve!

It's soooooo slow...Hurley has come come out the field...then half backs and midfielders who can't kick the ball end up in positions to take a shot.

That's on the occasions we don't make a bags of a 5 or 10 yard handpass or lose the ball in contact.

Why can't we do a simple thing like kick the ball from left to right to play around the blanket...move it around it's run solo handpass repeat

5 points in a half of intercounty football. Jesus wept.
This is why so few turn up at Cork football matches. You're sitting there thinking, even I'd have scored that sitter, whereas even if one of our hurlers are having an off day youre very unlikely to say the same.

Shame for the size of the county we can't leverage more.
Difference in football ability is miles apart. Powter great runner but not a footballer. Kevin Donovans shot said it all. An awkward kick. Kerry are effortless kickers and ball handling way better
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