Cork Footballers

Yeah he has a phenomenal boot on him but can't win his own ball and is easily excluded from play in today's defensive game. Don't think his return from play has been that impressive. Great club player but found out a wee bit at IC. IMO.
As opposed to who on the current cork team? I would think his return from play is as good or better than hurleys and no one else comes close.
It’s clear management have gone for the tactic of stacking the forward line with midfielders and half backs to win ball presumably but just like the Clare game where will the scores come from

The Highway Man

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Get Sherlock free and he will pop them , every IC team has a player like him . Its up to other lads to work him in plus not playing a recognised free taker is fucking bonkers. Come on lads FFS. stop going backwards to the days of McCarthy and Peader.

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