Cork Footballers

Relegated, won intermediate and 2 county finals all in 4 years. No doubt ye were the best team for 47 mins but the sideline lost it for us.
There’s Clon men who have a similar gripe with the Leahy who started his son ahead of a far superior Clon player for a Cork u21 team. Never understood the clamour for him to get the senior job, was very lucky to have a really brilliant group of Cork footballers at u21 level the year he won the All Ireland.
Jason preferred the Garrission game which did not go down well with Management. Was good enough imho to play senior with Cork but at that time we had a serious forward line.
2009 final clon won by a point not by their brilliance but for the fact that nepotism was involved in the Barrs team where the manager played his own son instead of one of our best forwards J Sexton who nearly won the game for us in the 13 minutes he was on.
Clon took the foot off the gas when the game was already won and nearly got caught. It happens.

The most recent final matchup was a much closer affair. Many Barrs supporters there that day would admit the result could have gone either way without interference from the officiating.

Let’s not forget that Clon were missing their talisman Liam O Donovan.

Take Maguire or Sherlock out of that Barrs team and they wouldn’t have come within ten.

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