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There comes a time when you’ve to cut your losses with a player. Having tried him enough times you don’t think he’s gonna quite make it so cut him and focus on others. Not saying gore is in that bracket but that’s the reality for quite a lot of players and will include a good few currently on the squad
100%. Baffled year on year when I see some players being retained on the panel just floating around not making any impact. Feels like Cian Kiely has been on every match day squad for about 5 years and we’ve known for the same length of time he doesn’t add anything.

Would be far more worthwhile giving chances to some young prospects like Phelan from Aghada or Darragh Cashman
Flynn was brilliant in fairness. I think Fitzmaurice is top class too.

I remember Cavanagh for chickening out of playing Cork in the 09 semi final. Maybe he’s still bitter that Cork bullied Tyrone that day.
Fitzy is really outstanding and has to be with those Ferris Bueller teacher vibes.. anyone anyone..
Fitz and Darragh Moloney are a brilliant combination
Afaik he was dropped along w 2-3 more fringe players

West Cork Gaol...afaik Gore isnt involved this year. Walked away as he wasnt getting enough game time, plus his form with Kilmacabea hasnt been great for the past 18 months or so
He had an injury ankle all last summer, had it operated on it after club championship was in rehab with Cork before Christmas it wasn't going well. So I don't know whether he walked or talked when it was realised he probably wouldn't make Championship. Sport is cruel on him
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