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Interesting to look at trajectory of PA Campbell since off that 29 minor team. Clearly getting proper conditioning training as a full time academy member with munster but he has played European Cup game for Munster , started all the u20 six nations games and playing week in week out in AIL div 1. Conditioning and heap of games. The s and C is hugely important at that age
Professional Sport v Amateur Sport. S&C is a weapon for every sports person all the time but in different language. I competed in track and marathon's myself and had a home gym as I lived too far from a city or big town where gym's existed and was given a diet and energy drinks etc by a National trainer and coach. I know loads of former athletes that worked out in their local gyms before competition on the track but the term S&C wasn't part of the language in the 1980's and '90's and it's relevance in Amateur Sport is bluff, it's a money making gimic. Firstly conditioning is the part that comes first, if you've been injured or away from the sport for a particular reason you condition yourself before you do the hard training. They have given it a professional term and too many people fall for it as the be all and end all to get results.
Colm O’Callaghan must be the best player ever in training because I’m yet to see him play well for Cork.
Delighted to be proven wrong and hear that the young fella impressed against Down. Hopefully he and others will continue to improve, and get the all important win against Offaly next weekend.
Sunday was the first time this Cork team had a defensive structure in place which made them tough to breakdown and gave players such as Rory Maguire & John Cooper a platform to perform which they both thrived in. Cathail O Mahony & Sherlock upfront are top class, will be interesting to see how Brian Hurley is integrated in as I can't see a 3 man full forward line working, might have to sacrifice one or move to Centre Forward
I see in the Indo that Pat Spillane is predicting that Cork will be relegated to Division 3. He obviously thinks that Offaly will beat us in Tullamore on Sunday. Grrrrrr. Let's prove him wrong.
Supposedly refused to join the panel due to a falling out with Douglas lads. Billy Hennessy dropped out for the same reason. Brian Hayes sitting games out in solidarity.
Was talking to Paddy Hayes on Sunday he said Brian wasn't fully fit and probably wouldn't be fit for the Offaly game...some stories fellas make up on these forums :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

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